Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Apk is a popular game developed by Bandai Namco. This is an epic action game for Android and iOS users. Basically, this is a CyberConnect 2 Dragon Ball mobile game. If you want to start this joyful journey, click on the download mentioned below .

Additional Information
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk
App NameDragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk
PublisherBandai Namco
Version 12.0.1
MOD InformationNo Verification

About Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile Apk

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile Apk reminds us of the Dragon Ball Z series, a famous story. This game contains remix music from the Dragon Ball Z anime series. This game offers an interactive and immersive way to enjoy the iconic story of Guko and his friends.

In this article, we explore game size, category, game version, and game developer. Focusing on its game graphics, features, gameplay, and experience.

Who is the publisher of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot for Android and iOS?

The publisher of this game is more talented and very creative; his name is Bandai Namco. Bandai Namco provides many other games for their fans.

For those who want to play this game on their Android or iOS mobile devices, you can download it in a very easy way. We have given the link below the table; click on it and download it.

Modded games:

Size Of the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk game

This game has a small file. Its size is only 887 MB, which is mentioned above the table for our users. We mentioned game size because there is clear confusion about whether a game is large or small. I think this one is best for game fans, and they should manage their mobile storage before downloading it.

The genre of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

This is one of the best action games. Everyone knows that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mobile Apk belongs to the action family. We also mentioned this above the table for our visitors who love to play action games.


The best thing about this game is its magnificent graphics. If I’m talking about myself, I love playing Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk because of the anime graphics. Their graphics are very unique and better than those of other games.

We salute and applaud the creator of such amazing graphics in the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk. We hope they bring better graphics to every game like this. Akira Toriyama, the Dragon Ball maker, created for the game a new Bonyū hero.

Gameplay and Features Of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk

The features of the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot apk are great. They have made a lot of users, or, say, fans, in a few days because of their features. Here are some of these features, which we explain in detail below. Thus, the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Apk renders engaging gameplay.

Epic Battles

This game allows the players to engage in battles and have a lot of fun, which is why its users love this Dragon Ball Z Kakarot apk game so much. In this game, multiple players with different characters participate at a time in epic battles.

After fighting weak animies in the beginning, fighting against powerful enemies like Majin Buu is a memorable experience, and this battle is enjoyed by many players.

Personality Development

As you complete missions, your character grows and your abilities improve. As your level increases, you are given more characters. Allows you to customize your favorite caharcaters to your playlist or playstyle.

Side Quests

In addition to the main story, it gives you in-depth information about the Dragon Ball Z universe and allows you to uncover or discover hidden stories, or you can engage with well-known people and learn about untold tales through these quests. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk has many other features, including exploration and cinematic storytelling.

How do I download or install Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

If you want to download the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk, then follow these steps:

  • go to google chrome and search for the website apkino.com
  • you have to go to the website and search your favorite game
  • After that, you have to open the article of your searched game
  • click the download button, which mentioned below the table
  • the file will start downloading
  • then go to device settings and allow unknown sources.
  • then install the game; after that, your game is ready to play.


The creators of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series have once again proven their ability to develop characters and give great performances. Flying through the air, fighting against opponents and blocking them is not a difficult task.

Yes, the one who wins the intense battle wins, but when I was playing my game, I could not understand what was happening on my screen. But I was enjoying it.

yes, you can download for bath devices

yes, it is free, without any cost you can download

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