World Box Mod Apk

Download World Box MOD APK – the latest version to experience the world-bending power of God, spawning civilizations and creating life.

Additional Information
World Box Mod Apk
App NameWorld Box Mod Apk
PublisherMaxim Karpenko
Size94 Mb
Version 0.22.21
MOD InformationFree
UpdateMar 11, 2024

What is the World Box Mod Apk?

As the name suggested, World Box Mod Apk shows how the whole world is controlled in a small box in this game. It is a creative world where you can create anything you want. You can use the custom objects as you wish. Suppose you create sheep on one side and zombies on the other, which fight each other. Of course, you can do whatever you want for your happiness. All you need is an Android mobile to enjoy this small world. So what’s the delay, get your mobile now install this game, and enjoy your creation.

Features of World Box

The main objective of this game is the creation of life. The god of the game characters in this game are very fun. There are many features of this game from which you can get enjoyment, of which the following are bellowed.

1. It’s Your Sandbox World

In World Box Mod Apk you can use your different abilities like raining acid, building mountains, collapsing them using nukes, and creating them. All kinds of natural events are also at your fingertips, such as storms, tsunamis, volcanoes, and the creation or destruction of objects.

2. Create Your World with Sandbox Tools

Of course, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to sit down and create whatever comes to mind. It is an amazing thing to see the whole world in one app.

3. Autonomy

The biggest and most important thing is that you get to see autonomy in this game. Customize is even more fun, so playing this game is much more fun because you feel free to play it yourself.

4. 100% Free of cost

The worldbox god simulator is full of free games. you can download it on our website and enjoy it with all characters and maps unlocked. Also if you want other games like World Box apk for free then visit our site and enjoy more games, Your Boyfriend Mod Apk, Gas Station Simulator APK, Wobbly Life Mod Apk, Poke Abby Mod Apk, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Apk

5. Smoothly Played

worldbox game mods is not a heavy game, the total installation of this game is 94MB. So it worked smoothly on your Android phone.

How to Install Worldbox Premium apk for Android

Follow these steps to download and install the World Box Premium apk

  1. Search for the world box mods file from
  2. Click on the download button that is given above
  3. After completing the download, you can install it on your Android mobile device.
  4. Once the download is complete, locate the apk file on your Android phone and start the installation process.
World Box Mod Apk


Yes, the World Box Mod Apk is free

No, It’s only available for Android

Yes, you can enjoy Worldbox fully offline, allowing you to craft worlds anytime, anywhere.

Of course! Worldbox premium mod apk offers a creative outlet for players of all ages, though younger children might need guidance due to its complex mechanics.


As a result, you can say that the worldbox mod apk gives you complete freedom to express your thoughts. World box mods is a game with unlimited creativity, which allows gamers to create and influence their virtual world in unprecedented ways.

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